Sunday, February 7

Take some time out..

>>Being Busy - An easy way out for avoiding things or people whom you don't want to interact with. But what if you are really busy, specially if you are a loads of things to do.

-Mood Swings
-Money management
-Individual passions

But have you ever wondered, all the things in the above list take you away from real you. You mold yourself in a socially acceptable cast. In tech terms you program your thought process to being busy all the time so you don't get to know the real situation of your life.

Take some time out..

Just one day dedicated completely for you. With your loved ones, and i guess Sunday's perfect or some holiday. Other than this go for a long-drive alone with no destination to reach. Take a small walk, and if its raining nothin compared to it. Do some crazy things.

Smile alone with no reason, sing out loud your favorite music numbers, break an old empty pen, watch tom and jerry, kiss your parents gud nite, change your hair style, see some old photos, and a long deserved sleep..most of the online addicts really need some sleep. Sleep for 12-14 hours.

And most importantly whenever you do this, or even if you have done so...please share it with me. I would love to hear it.

PS- I am very happy today !!

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