Monday, May 17

An Angel for him

23rd September 1989, biggest idiot ever was born. Within few days of his birth, the management team up there at heaven realized, that this idiot wouldn't be able to survive among the wise, intelligent and cruel people who already existed on planet. After long hours of meetings, finally a decision was taken

"This kid needs a sister, who takes cares for him and guides him through some difficult times of his life"

Immediately an e-mail was sent to his parents. And the response was negative.

"Something has to be done"; God announced.

Exactly 105 days later, 5th January 1990, a decision was taken to send an angel, specially for this idiot. A girl was born in his family, (maamu-maami's daughter) And that day on she was always with him, probably she had strict orders from the almighty to do so.

As they grow older, the bonding between them went stronger and stronger; specially in their teens. He often used to spend the weekends with her, discussing the weirdest range of topics, from newest crushes to newest gadgets. Being in the same class, they often solved maths together and he always kept wondering how she answered multiplications like 754*23 so quickly. Being creative in nature she always kept surprising everyone with the new new things she came out with.

One of the most beautiful things i remember about their relation was that the girl used to call him bhaiya, despite of being just 4 months younger. And he loved being called "bhaiya", until he realized that her friends also called him so :p :p :p... But still he loved to be her elder brother, and care for her, share some exclusive secrets with her. Together they had some best times, so many trips, so many dinners, so many ice-creams...and some endless moments to cherish.

2009 was the year
Suddenly lord asked his management team, "yaar its been 19 years; how is our special angel, have been missing her lot these days, bring a report on her".

Best daughter any parents could had, best sister any brother or sister could have, best friend any friend could get...& best person the boy had ever met. God realized that the angel has done her job superbly, he immediately passed orders, bring my angel back, the heaven needs her, i need her...

Actually that day a war was declared between the heaven and the family on earth, which longed for almost an year, none wanted to let go off her. It was 23rd April 2010, she finally took the decision...

She made him learn so much, so so much through her thoughts, her expressions, her care, and specially with her powerful smile that even in the most difficult times he manages to smile. Though she's not with him anymore, but actually she is still there :))

PS : I miss you...

Monday, May 10

Eleven worst tips ever..

PS : Probably i don't follow most of these tips, but i wish someday i and most of people around me follow these one day, some beautiful day...

#1. Have some mercy on dustbins, they want to get filled. And have some mercy on my and yours mother earth, she needs to stay beautiful. Start with wrappers, try keeping them in your pocket till you find a needy dustbin.

#2. Someone cares for you - Appreciate It. You have attempted 30 marks paper, still you need 10 more marks to pass. Someone behind you give's the answer for 20 more marks...never ever forget it :P

#3. Care for your close ones. You have attempted 90 marks questions, and you know the remaining 10 marks too. But better is to help your friend who is stuck at 35 and needs 5 more marks to pass.

(Could have given better examples for point #2 and #3, but i preferred the stated examples :p :p :p)

#4. Don't discuss about the people you hate. Forget them, assume them as invisible, rather than gossiping the negative things about them.

#5. Believe me, no one cares more for you than your parents. Respect their ideas. I know its not possible to implement most of them, but at least acknowledge them.

#6. You can never force someone to love you. But try being lovable so everyone loves you ;)

#7. Power, electricity; in short energy resources are not unlimited. A room with no one in, should have all its power switches off, that's what you need to do, simple as it is.

#8. Everyone has the right to enjoy his life in his own way. You don't need to interfere with it.

#9. Try smiling this very moment, you will feel good. And try to keep this smile in an infinite loop at certain regular moments of program called life :) :) :)

#10. Instead of wishing someone via sms/Facebook/etc etc...give him/her a call. Personal touch is really missing these days. A greeting card or a flower will be perfect add-on! And if the person is really really close, a kiss, a hug will do the magic.

#11. Seriously people think BIG.

"One Act of Random Kindness at a time..thats all "
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