Friday, August 21

Taking a break

I often realise how i waste my time online, just do faltu surfing, chatting and blogging. Though under a limit its good but i over do it. So finally i am planning to take a break from this online stuff...dont know how long it is..but i will try my best to atleast make it a minimum of one week. Primarily three things on which i waste 70% of my time are orkut, facebook and blogger. So these will be my first targets !!

Dont have that much will power that i can stay away, so i am planning to ask my friend to change the password of these basic sites. So that even i want to i cant access them..

Hope i survive..
See u guys after some while..

Chao..take care.

Wednesday, August 19

Happy Birthday Papa :)

For all the times that I should have said it but didn't...
Thank you for being a caring, supportive and loving Father to me..

May this birthday be the beginning of some thing great in your life !
Will always there to help you in getting that something :)

(me with my dad 18 years ago)

No words for this occasion, just two things - sorry for all the times i might have hurt you and thanks for all the times you were there for me !!

"I will try my best to fulfill your dreams...
oops not yours now its our's dream "

(22 years ago..)

Keep smiling as you have always been !!

And love your silliness, and your silly jokes.
Never stop expressing them :p

Me so lucky to have you two as my parents !

Love u a lot !!



(This e-card was sent from my daddu to my dad..)

PS. I know its always better to express directly, but i cant !! So here's indirect wishes for my dad. And life again back to track. All things are back to their places. wanna thank few friends for it - prachs, doru, moti, aany, sam, budhu ! Luv u people :)

Monday, August 17

A-Z Tag

Another tag,
the first thing that comes in my mind when i think about this alphabet !!

A- comic ever :)
B- bikes..i love them
C- christmas
D- dogs..i hate them
E- einstein..i really am his fan
F- series
G - guitar..
H- hermione :p
I- ice cream i soo love them...
J- joey from friends tv series :p

K- kanyakumari, had a school tour to this place, its simply beautiful :)
L- love..its nothin and everything, somebody just told me that :p
M- life
N-night ... surfing, music, movies..all the faltu stuff i do at this time
O- orange..talking abt orange color not fruit !
P- pizzas..i simply love them !
Q- queen..
R- Rahil and thats me..
S- Special friend of mine :p

T- tintin, just read its comic few days back
U-understanding.. which i xpect from my partner :)
V- Vanessa Hudgens :p
W- Wassup :p
X- X rated people that infest "my world"
Y-yummy home food !
Z- Zebras...

Anyone interested in this Tag can take it up!!

P.S- Life totally messed up since few days. And planning a another day off from college tommorow, dont feel like attending it :(

Friday, August 14

Love is..

Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offense and is not resentful.

P.S ~ I am overdozing "walk to remember" movie, yeah i know but i love doin that. And today i saw it with my dad. Had some memories added ! And yesterday i watched "Love Aajkal" with my cousins, had a great time together :)

Monday, August 10

Back Smiling :)

If you are wondering when did i stopped smiling just check the last post (Dont want to go college..); and god damn i realise now i again opted for the wrong choice ! Now finally realised that every moment is precious and may be there are moments to come when i will be more happy then i was in past..dont believe as if now, but someone said that it will definately happen. Enjoy the crapniness of the college life till then (i know there's no dictionary meaning to crapiness but u guys must have understood it); grrrr i am angry with myself that i was lost in all that sad thoughts ! Chuck off with these thoughts for now, and me back to business - So baby "how u doin" ;)

P.S. Thanks to all those friends who talked me thru this and specially aanchal, conversation with you really made me think positively !

Saturday, August 8

Don't Want to Go College..

My summer break just ended, it was superb - a very needed one !! Approx about 40 days, it was total fun from start to end; school friends, cousins, some very much prolong problems were sorted out, started learnin guitar, watched a trillion movies, rains, and the best part no studies ! Last time i had such lovely time it was in 12th class..and its been 2 borin years of college since then. I almost had adjusted myself in the crap college life though some part isnt that much crapy :P...learned to make perfect excuses, learned to lie, learned to bunk, learned to cheat, learned to survive in unsurvivable environment, learned to feel happy just coz i got passed by a margin rather than scoring a good score, and the best of all found a special friend with whom life seemed better at college! BUT this 40 day enjoyment ruined my adjustment!

Now i no longer feel i can adjust back there..; i had almost stopped missing my school life, i had almost started enjoyin college..but it seems its no longer!! I was always physically present there at college, but never mentally and emotionally !! Wish i cud end my college life here today itself, but reality is other way around :(

I always dreamed of a better life at college than i had at school, but that never happened. My school life is like something unexplainable..i knw many of u must be thinking "Abh bas kar rahil, jabh dekho school - school - school, come out of it..." I know u r absolutely correct, i shud come out of it but i cant do that!

But whatever i think or say, in the end i have to go college, its 8th Aug and my college opened since 1st Aug...i havent gone college yet, avoiding it completely. But this cant prolong for long, something must be done..i dont knw what that is...

hope u cud give me the solution..!

Wednesday, August 5

Its Raksha Bandhan today :)

"Dedicated to my sisters"

Ridhima didi
Shakun didi
Sumeen didi

Nothin to say, just some sweeet moments to cherish !!

Missed my two sweet sisters - Rikita and Rishima.. :(

So what they didnt tied rakhi (though my elder sis ridhima tied rakhi on riki's behalf) but their bro is always their to protect them..!

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