Tuesday, April 26

When life teaches you !!

"Well open up your mind and see like me , 
open up your plans and damn you are free.." 

Was singing these lines from my favorite song -I'm yours, and was enjoying my drive to college. Whenever i'm driving millions of weird thoughts run through my mind. And this time i was thinking what if i learn this song on guitar, and BAMMM !!

Bike speed - 60-70kmph
Helmet - Yes
Still Alive - Yes !!

A cow came running in front of my bike. I got less than a second to react, and before i could do anything..i was in air, fell on my back, and another bang, helmet hit the road so hard that i went numb for next 20-30 seconds.  Have no memory of what so ever happened with me in that time. Next i remember was lying in the middle of a high traffic road. Some elder girl, made me sit, opened my helmet..could see a small traffic jam due to me and my bike lying in the center of road. The girl took me on the side, and i have no idea who helped me with the bike. I was shivering with fear. It took me 5 minutes to get control over myself. Mine mind was damn blank !! I stood up, looked down on my arms, feet, clothes. NOTHING at all had happened to me, just minor injuries. Started the bike, thanked everyone around. Continued with a normal day.

And now i know, what no one was able to teach me, life taught me today.
Drive Safely and Slowly, and always and always wear a helmet.

Your life may not be important to you, 
but for sure it is important to many other people.

Respect Life !!

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