Friday, October 30

My Own little world Tag

Archana from "Deliciously Sunsational" had initially created this tag. Passed to dhanya and through her it came to was a month old pending tag along with some other it goes..

Your last FB/Twitter update:

FB -
feels like i am exhausted due to fever :(
Twitter –
watching scooby doo.. :)

3 TV/Movie characters you relate with:

Jai (‘Rats’) from Jaane Tu

Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Rohan from Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

3 countries on your travel list:
(never been to abroad so any country will do..but still if i have to chooose...then)

Australia – for beauty, nature and chicks :)

New York - I want to see Statue of Liberty ;) plus the sky scrappers

London - dont need to explain..

Hit the shuffle on your iPod – list out the 3 songs:

I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
Sochta Hun Uska Dil - Babul Supriyo
Jugni - Rabbi Shergill

3 daily must-haves:

Dairy Milk bite..
Online wasting time. Yes, I’m addicted!
Movies/ Friend Episodes

3 things you’re confused about:

1. why i think i am confused, even if i am not.
2. relations
3. career..very very confused.

Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf – pull 3 out at random:

Taare Zameen Pe
Rang De Basanti

i just realised all the above three are from aamir, actually i generally i have aamir's movie DVD's..thats why !!

If you had to date a celebrity, who would it be? – Vanessa Hudgens
If you were a celebrity, what would you be?: A guitar player..

Tuesday, October 20

Relationship Mess

Going through the phase when my teenage hormones were at peak (though technically i'm not a teenager but still feel, i belong to this group) i often realized how much time i wasted on stuff which had no importance in my life if seen logically, but otherwise if i see it; i gained a lot from it..few good frnds, few good relations, and a lot more..And..

Never had any wrong intentions, but i often landed myself in trouble or my close ones..!! Cried, laughed and shouted..all i have now is some good and some bad memories ! There have been times when i took life seriously and times when i followed the "chalta hai" attitude...most of which i learned in college..

Never had set any boundaries for myself, after all i knew my parents were there for me to guide. And luckily i never crossed these. These last few years have brought me closer to my mom and dad...and sometimes i regret i share my problems with my my close buddies rather them, but if given a another thought.. the generation gap still prevails !! These things often drive me crazy.

To be pecise i had 3 serious crushes and a lot normal ones, some of which were betty cooper, vanessa hudgens, emma watson...! While going through the normal ones, it was fun...but while going through the serious ones it wasn't.

"There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel..."

There have been times when i declared, enough of relationship mess, arrange is way to be !! And contradicting my own declaration recently went into a relationship mess.. :'( and still into it. My sis once said "If you ever want to be in relation with someone, the first thing is to check whether you too are compatible on long run.."; never had implemented this knowledge till few months back..but did in recent times. Still struggling through the whole concept...wish everything was as simple in movies, but i know it cant be..

Definitily its not the end of this post, but have nothing more to share as i am still jumbled in complicated relationship stuff..which doesn't seems to end in the nearby future..but still whenever it does i will share with you people..

therefore..i should say this post is yet
to be continued...

Tuesday, October 13

Memorable Long-drive :)

When i woke up today, i was feeling so much good..after the cool weekend i had with friends and cousins and best sleep ever last night. Didnt wanted to go college, as i just had finished with my exams, but had too; as registration for new semester had to be done. So with intentions of just returning from college with 30 mins i left home.

Due to some reasons, i couldn't register as the teacher signing the admission form had left the college early or rather say i reached college late :P

Sitting on bikes, suddenly one of friends said "yaar lets go for a long drive, its been a long time we have gone somewhere.." and immediately the plan was decided to leave for a rs pura (small town 30kms from jammu city); our main motive was going for long drive rather than any sight seeing...!

So 6 friends, 3 bikes...we began our journey ! With newly made roads the drive was more fun...sun was too in favour with from bright sunny day, it went too cool breeze sunny day. Going through the fields it made me remind of the crops i had grown in farmville (:P farming game in facebook, totally addicted to it)..straight roads, less traffic...everything was in favour of us !! With driving speed at 80-100kmph we reached the destination within 20minutes..

With NO intentions what so ever going where we went(u will come to know soon..) the journey became a memorable journey from a normal long drive...

One of my friends said in joke, lets go to pakistan...its just 5kms from here...!! And imagine what we all took it seriously and planned going to border ! It was 5 km straight road from the rs pura city within long stretch of farms..this was the time when each two persons on three bikes switched seats...from that point ahead i drove the bike...

As it was a straight road, with no speed kept on increasing..and believe me there was a point when my speed-o-meter showed 120kmph....wooooshhh..were the fields passing by..!! Had a terrific ride..and soon we reached a point where pakistan was 500 meters ahead, i cant explain what were the things going through my mind...

Parked our bikes, went to the officer at the post and requested him to let us see the border..he initially refused but making few phone calls and authorizing our identity he told us to wait another 20-25 minutes as it was lunch time and the person who had to take to the loc had gone for lunch...

I forgot to tell you the worst part, no photography was allowed at that place, so we had to give all our camera phones to the security officer..! So we had 20 minutes to roam about. Rice fields..a visit to temple and talking to other officers...this is how we passed that slow moving 20 minutes.

Finally an officer came, ascorted us to a big steel gate.. painted with indian flag..opened it and what a sight..about 200 metres ahead was a similar steel gate but painted in pakistan flag...and in between was barrier..exactly in center between the 2 side of which was pakistan and other was India. We travelled till the barrier..and keeping one foot on indian territory and other on pakistan's i remembered the scene from the movie "a walk to remember"....where jamie wanted to be at two places at one time...!! I absolutely cant explain how terrific those feelings were...

It was a journey to remember.. :)

Sunday, October 11

Suggestion Please

First of all my 4th semester exams over, so me on top of this world :) :D

Lot of pending stuff to be scribbled, which i will be writing soon btw...and 4 pending tags too, sorry bloggers for delaying attempting ur tags...!! And lot of other stuff to be shared with you people but that some other time !!

Rite now going thru a little problem, though it isnt a big one but still i am stuck with it..please suggest whatever u think about it,...

Here it goes..

Three people involved in it,
Person X (best friend)
Person Y (acquaintance)

X and Y know each other !!

X called me yesterday and we had this conversation :

X : "Are u friend with Y".
Me : Yeah little bit, Y and me are facebook/orkut frnds & do talk often online!!

X : Remove Y from ur friend list, and dont keep contact with it ever..
Me : Why so??

X : Dont u trust me, its for your good only..!
Me : I do trust you, but atleat tell me the reason..??

X : I cant..but please do it..
Me : Ok..i will do it !!

I have already removed Y from my friend's list in orkut,facebook aswell in twitter !! Though i hardly knew Y but still we used to have a good conversation once in a i am feeling guity about removing it from my list, it did nothing wrong with me atleast, though i think there might be problems between X and Y...

still it would not be able to do anything to me in future no-one can do wrong with me without my permission...

Please pen down whatever you think about it ,
really need a good advice !!

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