Monday, December 21

Sweet December :)

Silver lining did existed, it was just that i had lost my patience. If you are linked with me on facebook, you might just realise how happy i am these days...

And if you are connected with me through this blog, u must be knowing how sad was i in last few months...but since the beginning of 12th month..there has not been a single day which wasn't in my favour... every moment spend in this month has been full of sweet memories..

December was always special for me, as most of my favorite events - Winters, Christmas, New year night were in this month. But December of 2009 can be described in the following song..(read carefully)

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at Rs 9009
Played 'til my fingers bled
It was winter of two thousand and nine..

Me and my cousin sam..
Had a Band and we tried real hard
we never quit and we never will quit
and i always know we one day will make a big hit..

back in winter of 09
oh yeah.. :)

Oh when I luk back now
This winter seemes to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - I always wanna be here
These are the best days of my life

Ain't no use in complainin'
When you got assignments to do
Spent my evenin's surfing facebook and nights talking wid you..
And that's when I smile along with u..

Standin on ur mummy's porch..
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
These are the best days of my life..

-Delhi Trip
When u are alone in a big city away from family, friends... it isnt that fun..
But my trip to delhi was damn fun.., walking alone alongside big roads...watching people smile, laugh..talking..noticing them express themselves...was quite a enjoyable.

4 days away from my normal routine...and living independently without any tension was the best part..and how can i miss telling you the journey of my train..i simply love travelling in trains..enjoying the darkness through the window..2 am in the night..

-Next came the aarohan fest in another engineering college of jammu,
(2-days event..)

"Which city is called the windy city of USA?? " this question made us(me and my buddies from gcet) knocked out from general quiz competition..damn..

nevertheless i was there to be with my best friend , so i wasn't that much desperate to win any competition. Was meeting her after 2 months, so was quite i had some good frnds in the same college whom i hadn't met since when you have good company..the day obviously becomes good :)

and the day ended with chocolate paan and a long drive with my best friend :)

You Can understand my excitement from my Facebook update... i don't know how to dance, but still i danced like anything...

later long drive again with my best friend..

and then birthday party of one of my friends from same college .. so as a part of the family..[as they said.."Rahil welcome to our family" (they call their group as small family)...] i loved being in their family...
...butter-chicken, chocolate was damn good..!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Seriously, these are one of the best days of my life...
Its really is a sweet december to remember..
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, November 24

Love this scene :)

Do spare out some time to watch this 3mins video.
A must watch for people in love ;)

Monday, November 23

You're Beautiful..

Modified version of You're Beautiful...
based on true story...and my first attempt to write a song, so what kuch lyrics copy kiye hai... atleast i started :P

I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me in the physics lecture..
from three rows away..
She was studying scattering of color gray..

I wont lose no concentration too..
But I'didnt had any plan..

You're beautiful. You're Beautiful.
You're's true.

I saw your face in a crowded class
And i dont know what to do.
'Cause i always wanted to be with you..

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Flying high..

And I don't think that I'll ever loose her..
As we share a relation that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.

I saw your face in a crowded class,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause i always wanted to be with you..

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.

There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.

And it's time to enjoy the truth,
I will always be with you..

Friday, November 20

Time Spend With Myself

14th November 2009
2 am

Dear Diary,
Today was the day of my life when i felt mood swings to full extremes. Day began with quite great mood after all i had 9 hours of sleep after long time. Regular college routine after that..somehow managed to pass the most un-important irritating phase of the day...seriously i wish i could change my college in fact i want to leave it in between..but unfortunately i can't afford too..or rather say i dont have any option. Chucking this part of the day and moving ahead...

Had some shopping to do. So made a visit to city square, a so called mall in my city. After getting angry looks from many shopkeepers for not buying their stuff...finally made owner of "Yougal Sons" (shop name) happy by buying some clothes from his shop...and finally exhausted with 2 hours of shopping entered dominoes, luckily got my favorite corner seat.

"Wish i was a billioniare"...were the thoughts when i was about to order the pizza...tight at pockets..i ordered Rs35 pizza the cheapest available and a bottle of coke..

collected my pizza within few minutes, and back i was at my favourite seat...which had the bird eye's view of the jammu city....spent 90 minutes with the pizza and that time spend with myself was really required...

hundreds of thoughts were running simultaneously through my minds..including "why the pizza box is square though the pizza is circular.. :p"

there were some thoughts which literally brought tears to my eyes...i have changed a lot since 4-5 years...have gone more emotional which i dont remember i ever used to be..i spend hours thinking about small things which have no importance in my phase of life..!! People keep saying try to enjoy college life, atleast attend the functions of the college... but i am now totally fed up with can i enjoy a life in which i spend 85% of time with people i hate the most....still i manage to keep a smile on...

Feel like longer in mood to tell you the story for the rest of the day.
Good night diary..

Monday, November 2

Belief regained..

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Always believed such philosophies of mine, and hated when religious belief's were implemented on me forcefully. Though from the last few years as everyone knew that i hated such stuff, it was kept away from me..and i was happy about it.

Recently few weeks back started going to a temple near my college, and i cant express how much peaceful i felt out there. Now its been quite a while i am visiting regularly...and i cant surely make out that i feel quite better after that the whole day ! Don't know what made me start that, but i am positive about it.

Still hate the religious philosophies, and other un-explainable things...but one thing i know for sure is that there is some belief regained in me...

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Friday, October 30

My Own little world Tag

Archana from "Deliciously Sunsational" had initially created this tag. Passed to dhanya and through her it came to was a month old pending tag along with some other it goes..

Your last FB/Twitter update:

FB -
feels like i am exhausted due to fever :(
Twitter –
watching scooby doo.. :)

3 TV/Movie characters you relate with:

Jai (‘Rats’) from Jaane Tu

Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Rohan from Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

3 countries on your travel list:
(never been to abroad so any country will do..but still if i have to chooose...then)

Australia – for beauty, nature and chicks :)

New York - I want to see Statue of Liberty ;) plus the sky scrappers

London - dont need to explain..

Hit the shuffle on your iPod – list out the 3 songs:

I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
Sochta Hun Uska Dil - Babul Supriyo
Jugni - Rabbi Shergill

3 daily must-haves:

Dairy Milk bite..
Online wasting time. Yes, I’m addicted!
Movies/ Friend Episodes

3 things you’re confused about:

1. why i think i am confused, even if i am not.
2. relations
3. career..very very confused.

Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf – pull 3 out at random:

Taare Zameen Pe
Rang De Basanti

i just realised all the above three are from aamir, actually i generally i have aamir's movie DVD's..thats why !!

If you had to date a celebrity, who would it be? – Vanessa Hudgens
If you were a celebrity, what would you be?: A guitar player..

Tuesday, October 20

Relationship Mess

Going through the phase when my teenage hormones were at peak (though technically i'm not a teenager but still feel, i belong to this group) i often realized how much time i wasted on stuff which had no importance in my life if seen logically, but otherwise if i see it; i gained a lot from it..few good frnds, few good relations, and a lot more..And..

Never had any wrong intentions, but i often landed myself in trouble or my close ones..!! Cried, laughed and shouted..all i have now is some good and some bad memories ! There have been times when i took life seriously and times when i followed the "chalta hai" attitude...most of which i learned in college..

Never had set any boundaries for myself, after all i knew my parents were there for me to guide. And luckily i never crossed these. These last few years have brought me closer to my mom and dad...and sometimes i regret i share my problems with my my close buddies rather them, but if given a another thought.. the generation gap still prevails !! These things often drive me crazy.

To be pecise i had 3 serious crushes and a lot normal ones, some of which were betty cooper, vanessa hudgens, emma watson...! While going through the normal ones, it was fun...but while going through the serious ones it wasn't.

"There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel..."

There have been times when i declared, enough of relationship mess, arrange is way to be !! And contradicting my own declaration recently went into a relationship mess.. :'( and still into it. My sis once said "If you ever want to be in relation with someone, the first thing is to check whether you too are compatible on long run.."; never had implemented this knowledge till few months back..but did in recent times. Still struggling through the whole concept...wish everything was as simple in movies, but i know it cant be..

Definitily its not the end of this post, but have nothing more to share as i am still jumbled in complicated relationship stuff..which doesn't seems to end in the nearby future..but still whenever it does i will share with you people..

therefore..i should say this post is yet
to be continued...

Tuesday, October 13

Memorable Long-drive :)

When i woke up today, i was feeling so much good..after the cool weekend i had with friends and cousins and best sleep ever last night. Didnt wanted to go college, as i just had finished with my exams, but had too; as registration for new semester had to be done. So with intentions of just returning from college with 30 mins i left home.

Due to some reasons, i couldn't register as the teacher signing the admission form had left the college early or rather say i reached college late :P

Sitting on bikes, suddenly one of friends said "yaar lets go for a long drive, its been a long time we have gone somewhere.." and immediately the plan was decided to leave for a rs pura (small town 30kms from jammu city); our main motive was going for long drive rather than any sight seeing...!

So 6 friends, 3 bikes...we began our journey ! With newly made roads the drive was more fun...sun was too in favour with from bright sunny day, it went too cool breeze sunny day. Going through the fields it made me remind of the crops i had grown in farmville (:P farming game in facebook, totally addicted to it)..straight roads, less traffic...everything was in favour of us !! With driving speed at 80-100kmph we reached the destination within 20minutes..

With NO intentions what so ever going where we went(u will come to know soon..) the journey became a memorable journey from a normal long drive...

One of my friends said in joke, lets go to pakistan...its just 5kms from here...!! And imagine what we all took it seriously and planned going to border ! It was 5 km straight road from the rs pura city within long stretch of farms..this was the time when each two persons on three bikes switched seats...from that point ahead i drove the bike...

As it was a straight road, with no speed kept on increasing..and believe me there was a point when my speed-o-meter showed 120kmph....wooooshhh..were the fields passing by..!! Had a terrific ride..and soon we reached a point where pakistan was 500 meters ahead, i cant explain what were the things going through my mind...

Parked our bikes, went to the officer at the post and requested him to let us see the border..he initially refused but making few phone calls and authorizing our identity he told us to wait another 20-25 minutes as it was lunch time and the person who had to take to the loc had gone for lunch...

I forgot to tell you the worst part, no photography was allowed at that place, so we had to give all our camera phones to the security officer..! So we had 20 minutes to roam about. Rice fields..a visit to temple and talking to other officers...this is how we passed that slow moving 20 minutes.

Finally an officer came, ascorted us to a big steel gate.. painted with indian flag..opened it and what a sight..about 200 metres ahead was a similar steel gate but painted in pakistan flag...and in between was barrier..exactly in center between the 2 side of which was pakistan and other was India. We travelled till the barrier..and keeping one foot on indian territory and other on pakistan's i remembered the scene from the movie "a walk to remember"....where jamie wanted to be at two places at one time...!! I absolutely cant explain how terrific those feelings were...

It was a journey to remember.. :)

Sunday, October 11

Suggestion Please

First of all my 4th semester exams over, so me on top of this world :) :D

Lot of pending stuff to be scribbled, which i will be writing soon btw...and 4 pending tags too, sorry bloggers for delaying attempting ur tags...!! And lot of other stuff to be shared with you people but that some other time !!

Rite now going thru a little problem, though it isnt a big one but still i am stuck with it..please suggest whatever u think about it,...

Here it goes..

Three people involved in it,
Person X (best friend)
Person Y (acquaintance)

X and Y know each other !!

X called me yesterday and we had this conversation :

X : "Are u friend with Y".
Me : Yeah little bit, Y and me are facebook/orkut frnds & do talk often online!!

X : Remove Y from ur friend list, and dont keep contact with it ever..
Me : Why so??

X : Dont u trust me, its for your good only..!
Me : I do trust you, but atleat tell me the reason..??

X : I cant..but please do it..
Me : Ok..i will do it !!

I have already removed Y from my friend's list in orkut,facebook aswell in twitter !! Though i hardly knew Y but still we used to have a good conversation once in a i am feeling guity about removing it from my list, it did nothing wrong with me atleast, though i think there might be problems between X and Y...

still it would not be able to do anything to me in future no-one can do wrong with me without my permission...

Please pen down whatever you think about it ,
really need a good advice !!

Friday, September 25

Love : HOME MADE :)

Really really really happy today, today my second day without a teenage tag attached with me, i had thought i would feel low about it..but its other way around !! Feelin so good, major reason is that my first two papers went good specially today's one..!! Apart from that my birthday went superb. Got some very very unexpected calls from very old friends.... some unexpected sms's and loads of expected wishes !!

Good night kiss from mom and good morning kiss from dad, everything was so much lovely ! An 3 hour talk with one of my closest friends was the icing on the cake...ahh cake how can i forget that..see the picture mom made it for me !

One of my school buddies commented on this cake pic "tu 2 yrs ka hua :P"....abh afterall for my mom mein hamesha do saal ka hi rahuga (for my mom i will always be of 2 years age :P )

PS. Life going so much good. Smiling all the time since last few 5-6 tension of exams yet they going so good :P ...But the coming exams are quite tough, hope i maintain my smile through the next 4 papers ! I had thought of not blogging till 9th october...but i cudnt resist sharing my birthday cake with all my blogger friends !! Luv u all...take care *hugs*

Monday, September 7

Countdown to new phase of life..

Hmm...just before planning a long break again(exams just on head, this time i definately need a break from net as my preparation is total zero..)...i thought of scribbling few thoughts...

finally the long awaited day my best day of the year - 23rd day of the ninth month is about to come to existence...!! Unlike the so far 23rd day of the so far 9th months since 1989 this year its gonna be somewhat i will be entering a new phase of my life called "The life after teenage.."

No longer would be considered as a kid, gonna be burdened with tons of responsibilities...will be missing these 7 years of my teen life...which taught me everything..and gave me best days of school lie in this phase..and some great xperiences from college too lie in this phase..

Hope i survive the life after teen, and its gonna be more difficult with me as from 23rd september onwards my 4th semester finals are beginning...and i have the worst preparation ever this wish me luck..though i am goona study at my best but still why take a chance of missing your wishes.. ;)


PS. Time to start studying, so will not be able to visit your posts..! And this time this break is without changing the password, hope i resist the net. 9th october is my last hope to catch u after that !! Take care... till then and keep smiling...and yeah i forgot to unexplainable mood swing is all me back smiling too :)

*hugs* to all readers !!

Saturday, September 5

Unexplainable Mood Swings

Nothing happened, yet i feel so much depressed since few hours. Was at my cousin's place playing guitar few hours the guitar class ended i immediately came back home. It never happened, as i always used to have fun with my cousin after the class...but today i didnt feel like staying there. After that i drove car at 20 kmph which was my record slow i never had driven below 40kmph..didnt feel like doin anything. Its been 2 hrs i am back home..lying on my bed, doing nothing..listening to atif's doorie album on loop..feelong so low...yet thinking why is that so..! I am fed up with these unexplainable mood swings of mine...

PS. Prachs, Jasmine, Richa, your msgs...sorry guys cudnt check your blog posts..was trying to stay away from net as much i can try ! And wont be able to check other blogs too...where i was regular..! And Jaunty will be taking your tag soon.Hope i cheer up soon.. :(

Happy Teachers Day !!

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth."

Jk public school is the place which is 80% responsible for what i am, my basic manners, my etiquette's, my dressing, my vision, my thinking...every tiny bit of it..dont know how much good is it or how bad it is , but am sure that no other place would have harvested me better. Teachers which i used to hate during school days, i respect them the most now !!

Every teacher there had something different for us to learn, some taught me how to be perfectly dressed, some taught what is to be like a teacher, some taught patience, some taught basic manners.., some taught how studying can be fun, some taught how to express....none of the lot was a without a lessson...!! I really miss all of them..

Specially the following teachers..

Rama Ma'am
Jyoti Ma'am
Shalini Ma'am
Sujata Ma'am

Though my whole life revolves around my school, i cant forget a teahcer from my college "Parvesha ma'am"
...she just said me one thing on the last day before she left the college.."Rahil, go ahead and give your best...dont care abt the college result...i am taking about your life"

Will never forget that !!

Friday, August 21

Taking a break

I often realise how i waste my time online, just do faltu surfing, chatting and blogging. Though under a limit its good but i over do it. So finally i am planning to take a break from this online stuff...dont know how long it is..but i will try my best to atleast make it a minimum of one week. Primarily three things on which i waste 70% of my time are orkut, facebook and blogger. So these will be my first targets !!

Dont have that much will power that i can stay away, so i am planning to ask my friend to change the password of these basic sites. So that even i want to i cant access them..

Hope i survive..
See u guys after some while..

Chao..take care.

Wednesday, August 19

Happy Birthday Papa :)

For all the times that I should have said it but didn't...
Thank you for being a caring, supportive and loving Father to me..

May this birthday be the beginning of some thing great in your life !
Will always there to help you in getting that something :)

(me with my dad 18 years ago)

No words for this occasion, just two things - sorry for all the times i might have hurt you and thanks for all the times you were there for me !!

"I will try my best to fulfill your dreams...
oops not yours now its our's dream "

(22 years ago..)

Keep smiling as you have always been !!

And love your silliness, and your silly jokes.
Never stop expressing them :p

Me so lucky to have you two as my parents !

Love u a lot !!



(This e-card was sent from my daddu to my dad..)

PS. I know its always better to express directly, but i cant !! So here's indirect wishes for my dad. And life again back to track. All things are back to their places. wanna thank few friends for it - prachs, doru, moti, aany, sam, budhu ! Luv u people :)

Monday, August 17

A-Z Tag

Another tag,
the first thing that comes in my mind when i think about this alphabet !!

A- comic ever :)
B- bikes..i love them
C- christmas
D- dogs..i hate them
E- einstein..i really am his fan
F- series
G - guitar..
H- hermione :p
I- ice cream i soo love them...
J- joey from friends tv series :p

K- kanyakumari, had a school tour to this place, its simply beautiful :)
L- love..its nothin and everything, somebody just told me that :p
M- life
N-night ... surfing, music, movies..all the faltu stuff i do at this time
O- orange..talking abt orange color not fruit !
P- pizzas..i simply love them !
Q- queen..
R- Rahil and thats me..
S- Special friend of mine :p

T- tintin, just read its comic few days back
U-understanding.. which i xpect from my partner :)
V- Vanessa Hudgens :p
W- Wassup :p
X- X rated people that infest "my world"
Y-yummy home food !
Z- Zebras...

Anyone interested in this Tag can take it up!!

P.S- Life totally messed up since few days. And planning a another day off from college tommorow, dont feel like attending it :(

Friday, August 14

Love is..

Love is always patient and kind.
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offense and is not resentful.

P.S ~ I am overdozing "walk to remember" movie, yeah i know but i love doin that. And today i saw it with my dad. Had some memories added ! And yesterday i watched "Love Aajkal" with my cousins, had a great time together :)

Monday, August 10

Back Smiling :)

If you are wondering when did i stopped smiling just check the last post (Dont want to go college..); and god damn i realise now i again opted for the wrong choice ! Now finally realised that every moment is precious and may be there are moments to come when i will be more happy then i was in past..dont believe as if now, but someone said that it will definately happen. Enjoy the crapniness of the college life till then (i know there's no dictionary meaning to crapiness but u guys must have understood it); grrrr i am angry with myself that i was lost in all that sad thoughts ! Chuck off with these thoughts for now, and me back to business - So baby "how u doin" ;)

P.S. Thanks to all those friends who talked me thru this and specially aanchal, conversation with you really made me think positively !

Saturday, August 8

Don't Want to Go College..

My summer break just ended, it was superb - a very needed one !! Approx about 40 days, it was total fun from start to end; school friends, cousins, some very much prolong problems were sorted out, started learnin guitar, watched a trillion movies, rains, and the best part no studies ! Last time i had such lovely time it was in 12th class..and its been 2 borin years of college since then. I almost had adjusted myself in the crap college life though some part isnt that much crapy :P...learned to make perfect excuses, learned to lie, learned to bunk, learned to cheat, learned to survive in unsurvivable environment, learned to feel happy just coz i got passed by a margin rather than scoring a good score, and the best of all found a special friend with whom life seemed better at college! BUT this 40 day enjoyment ruined my adjustment!

Now i no longer feel i can adjust back there..; i had almost stopped missing my school life, i had almost started enjoyin college..but it seems its no longer!! I was always physically present there at college, but never mentally and emotionally !! Wish i cud end my college life here today itself, but reality is other way around :(

I always dreamed of a better life at college than i had at school, but that never happened. My school life is like something unexplainable..i knw many of u must be thinking "Abh bas kar rahil, jabh dekho school - school - school, come out of it..." I know u r absolutely correct, i shud come out of it but i cant do that!

But whatever i think or say, in the end i have to go college, its 8th Aug and my college opened since 1st Aug...i havent gone college yet, avoiding it completely. But this cant prolong for long, something must be done..i dont knw what that is...

hope u cud give me the solution..!

Wednesday, August 5

Its Raksha Bandhan today :)

"Dedicated to my sisters"

Ridhima didi
Shakun didi
Sumeen didi

Nothin to say, just some sweeet moments to cherish !!

Missed my two sweet sisters - Rikita and Rishima.. :(

So what they didnt tied rakhi (though my elder sis ridhima tied rakhi on riki's behalf) but their bro is always their to protect them..!

Friday, July 31

first step

Just was going through some random pics, and found this one. Instant question striked me.."am i still that innocent as i used to be durin that time of my life..??" and there was no answer..!! Clearly it seemed like i had doubts on my innocence :(

what ruined it, what made me have doubts...lots of questions with clearly no answer ! But whatever the reason was, whatever the situation was....neither it were my frnds, nor were my parents but i know one person who i am confident enough to say that he ruined my innocence..and that person is me..

"We always have a choice.." it took me so long so understand this, till then i opted for some wrong choices. There are trillion moments in my life, which i regret of making the wrong choice!
But today the being the last day of month and last day of my excellent summer break....i am planning to leave past in past and beginning a new life with all the same philosophies of mine but with 100% more innocence and happiness.. :)

Wish me luck..!

Was just about to post this, mom came to my room..wishing me gud nite along with a gud nite better way of beginning new life without the wishes from my mummy after all she guide's us for the first step of our life..
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