Wednesday, April 7

Stupid Enough

1st Day at college, excited..yet so terrified he stepped out of the car. Buzzing crowd..loud music, this was what all that could be heard. And in between was the sound "oye white shirt.." ; turned back he saw 3 people calling him...probably callin he was wearning white. Soon this was confirmed when the next call was..."oye white shirt, blue jeans.."

"Yes Sir"

Sir ke bache, apna intro de..

"Sir, myself Shivang....Shivang Oberoi..
just got admission in computers !! "

Bas bas, listen, you able to see the girl in maroon top near the administrative block.
Go and propose her..

He tried to deny the order, and with no other options he went ahead,

"Excuse me dear, this is my ragging going please dont mind.." he had just said this much...seniors came closeby..he continued...
" i dont you, you dont knw me...but since last 23 seconds i have known enough that i can spend my entire life with you.., it will be stupid of you, if you say "yes"right now..but atleast i want you to consider it.."

Without any word, the girl in maroon named Shruti left the place..

NEXT 4 Years.. shivang's surprise, shruti was his classmate..and moreover next roll number's to his. they both had the best times in the 8 semesters that passed...they did every lill bit of collg work together...and had some great understanding among each other. Whole college believed them to be love birds...but to each other they were clear of being the best friends..and so on the life moved..

Soon came their's graduation day, Shivang decided to wear the white shirt, blue jeans combi..which he wore on the very first day of college life. Day ahead was moments of superb it was the last day of their's college life.

"Beep beep.." shivang's phone was shruti on the other side..!! "Oye shivi, jaldi se administrative block ke bahar aa.."

On reaching the block, he saw shruti sitting on the he moved close..he heard shruti whisper these words..

"Idiot, 4 years back you asked me a question on these stairs... you never tried to know its answer after that day".. Why??? Do u know what.. "If you would haved asked me the same question again...i would have been stupid enough to say yes, right there and then..." and "for whom do you think i am wearning maroon today.."

PS: Like a dream you can't explain, love can chase a beating of your heart, Like the sunshine in the rain, love can make your whole world fall apart... All i wanted now. I just wanna spend my life with you...Time will show me how !! Suddenly everything has turned me inside out, Suddenly love is the thing that I can't live without ♥ ♥ ..

Friday, April 2

Single Sibling !!

"You don't know being a single sibling is a blessing from God", "You are a single kid, you have no idea how lucky you are", "You must be getting all the attention", "You must be getting whatever you ask from your mom dad.." & so on....

I generally hear such philosophies from people who don't belong to this category of being single child. For them being single is like some great great thing. Try putting yourself in following situations i'm going to scribble below..
  • You are experiencing an emotional breakdown, its 3 in the morning, do you expect to trouble your parents every time for small small issues of life.
  • You and your mom-dad don't agree on some demand of yours, and you have nobody to back you.
  • You get an over protective care from them, and its start getting irritating after some time.
  • Very often you tend to be the total focus of attention of parents, especially non-working mothers. Child space and independence goes zero.
  • Most of the time our parents are correct, but sometimes the generation gap do jumps in, and you alone cannot make them understand it.
  • You just had a terrible fight with them, at least there should be someone to tell you who was correct.
  • You just fell in love with a beautiful girl in college...
  • And in my case, whom to tell when i get a new crush every month or two..
  • You want to play double player games.
  • You want to abuse someone, knowing that you would get abused in return without any harm feelings.
  • You need someone to tell, the shirt you wearing isn't looking good on you.
  • You need someone to fight with.
  • You generally get over-depended for small small things.

You generally find substitute for your sibling, be it in cousin form, girl-friend, or your best/special friend,...but you will always land up realizing that you have a limit for that as each one of them have a life of their's own..and you cannot intrude into it every time you get an emotional breakdown or got a new crush... moreover the personal touch still remains missing.

I agree the positive points for being single kid must be equally strong, may be it so !! As the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. But still i personally feel being a single sibling isn't good for me at all..

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