Friday, September 25

Love : HOME MADE :)

Really really really happy today, today my second day without a teenage tag attached with me, i had thought i would feel low about it..but its other way around !! Feelin so good, major reason is that my first two papers went good specially today's one..!! Apart from that my birthday went superb. Got some very very unexpected calls from very old friends.... some unexpected sms's and loads of expected wishes !!

Good night kiss from mom and good morning kiss from dad, everything was so much lovely ! An 3 hour talk with one of my closest friends was the icing on the cake...ahh cake how can i forget that..see the picture mom made it for me !

One of my school buddies commented on this cake pic "tu 2 yrs ka hua :P"....abh afterall for my mom mein hamesha do saal ka hi rahuga (for my mom i will always be of 2 years age :P )

PS. Life going so much good. Smiling all the time since last few 5-6 tension of exams yet they going so good :P ...But the coming exams are quite tough, hope i maintain my smile through the next 4 papers ! I had thought of not blogging till 9th october...but i cudnt resist sharing my birthday cake with all my blogger friends !! Luv u all...take care *hugs*

Monday, September 7

Countdown to new phase of life..

Hmm...just before planning a long break again(exams just on head, this time i definately need a break from net as my preparation is total zero..)...i thought of scribbling few thoughts...

finally the long awaited day my best day of the year - 23rd day of the ninth month is about to come to existence...!! Unlike the so far 23rd day of the so far 9th months since 1989 this year its gonna be somewhat i will be entering a new phase of my life called "The life after teenage.."

No longer would be considered as a kid, gonna be burdened with tons of responsibilities...will be missing these 7 years of my teen life...which taught me everything..and gave me best days of school lie in this phase..and some great xperiences from college too lie in this phase..

Hope i survive the life after teen, and its gonna be more difficult with me as from 23rd september onwards my 4th semester finals are beginning...and i have the worst preparation ever this wish me luck..though i am goona study at my best but still why take a chance of missing your wishes.. ;)


PS. Time to start studying, so will not be able to visit your posts..! And this time this break is without changing the password, hope i resist the net. 9th october is my last hope to catch u after that !! Take care... till then and keep smiling...and yeah i forgot to unexplainable mood swing is all me back smiling too :)

*hugs* to all readers !!

Saturday, September 5

Unexplainable Mood Swings

Nothing happened, yet i feel so much depressed since few hours. Was at my cousin's place playing guitar few hours the guitar class ended i immediately came back home. It never happened, as i always used to have fun with my cousin after the class...but today i didnt feel like staying there. After that i drove car at 20 kmph which was my record slow i never had driven below 40kmph..didnt feel like doin anything. Its been 2 hrs i am back home..lying on my bed, doing nothing..listening to atif's doorie album on loop..feelong so low...yet thinking why is that so..! I am fed up with these unexplainable mood swings of mine...

PS. Prachs, Jasmine, Richa, your msgs...sorry guys cudnt check your blog posts..was trying to stay away from net as much i can try ! And wont be able to check other blogs too...where i was regular..! And Jaunty will be taking your tag soon.Hope i cheer up soon.. :(

Happy Teachers Day !!

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth."

Jk public school is the place which is 80% responsible for what i am, my basic manners, my etiquette's, my dressing, my vision, my thinking...every tiny bit of it..dont know how much good is it or how bad it is , but am sure that no other place would have harvested me better. Teachers which i used to hate during school days, i respect them the most now !!

Every teacher there had something different for us to learn, some taught me how to be perfectly dressed, some taught what is to be like a teacher, some taught patience, some taught basic manners.., some taught how studying can be fun, some taught how to express....none of the lot was a without a lessson...!! I really miss all of them..

Specially the following teachers..

Rama Ma'am
Jyoti Ma'am
Shalini Ma'am
Sujata Ma'am

Though my whole life revolves around my school, i cant forget a teahcer from my college "Parvesha ma'am"
...she just said me one thing on the last day before she left the college.."Rahil, go ahead and give your best...dont care abt the college result...i am taking about your life"

Will never forget that !!

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