Friday, September 24

Love You Till The End.

Isn't it amazing when you have that one friend, with whom you are the true you, the true being of yourself. You just want to share everything, and even silliest of the things. The one who understands your's silence. The one who's always there to guide you, support you. 

And isn't it million times more amazing when you have such friend right there in the family, right besides you. But when that person leaves you forever and all you have is just the feeling of that person around you and the beautiful memories shared, its infinite times painful. Life no longer remains the same.

I just want to see you 
When you're all alone 
I just want to catch you if I can 
I just want to be there 
When the morning light explodes 
On your face it radiates 
I can't escape 
I love you 'till the end 

I just want to tell you nothing 
You don't want to hear 
All I want is for you to say 
Why don't you just take me 
Where I've never been before 
I know you want to hear me 
Catch my breath 
I love you 'till the end 

I just want to be there 
When we're caught in the rain 
I just want to see you laugh not cry 
I just want to feel you 
When the night puts on it's cloak 

I'm lost for words don't tell me 
All I can say 
I love you 'till the end

PS : I miss you so much..

Wednesday, September 22

6th sem xams - How come They Went Well ??

First of all let me make you clear, doing good means a level better than what i did earlier in previous semesters. I sincerely i don't expect a mind blowing percentage, neither don't i ignore the fact of getting a suppli (failing) :P

#1. The fear of knowing nothing,  (even toppers say they know nothing :P but i literally mean it). That had so much scared me. And this made me study sincerely during prep holidays.

#2. One very very important person of my life always expected me do well with my exams someday. I just gave a shot this time, and did pretty well. And feel so good about it. Damn good :')

#3. Decline in online surfing, and specially total Facebook avoidance in the first few papers, magically created so much extra time.

#4. Some good music, kept me going. Specially the song "I'm Yours". Every time i got bored or felt sleepy, single dose of this song kept me going on and on and freshened me up every time i heard it.

#5. Zero percent useless wastage of time on phone calls. Plus the benefit of Sms ban in J&K.

#6. Have a beautiful poster on back of my room's door. It so much motivated me, every time i thought its so difficult, it kept me moving with so much power. It had these lines :
Before you say: "I CAN'T"...
say: "I'LL TRY!"


#7. The fact that i did so well in the first exam despite studying it for the first time, gave me so much encouragement for the coming ones.

#8. My room was locked throughout day and night, so no external disturbances :P

#9. The fact that not for once i thought to cheat. For the first time had the confidence that i would manage myself well alone.

I hate the fact that people expectation's rise after you do well. Please don't ever dare to do that. It was just for once. At least currently i think so.

And at least as far as result is concerned, i never cared for that, nor do care this time.
To summ up, "I am happy, that i did per my levels"

PS: If you are looking for your name in the above points, a message for you "you need to find a apple and i love you so much :) " 

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