Tuesday, April 28

True Beauty as i see it !!

I categorize beauty under true and superficial headings. This Generation next (Gen-next) have lost the line which defines the difference between the two. They confuse the beauty of the eye and the beauty of the heart - two things that could not be farther from each other.

Of late, our minds have been set on the superficial beauty, tossing aside true beauty - the beauty of the soul - for physical prowess.

There are few truly beautiful people left in the world, but when you meet one, it is obvious. They smile warmly and truly, shining a light from their purity almost unknowingly onto you. And through that smile, you feel that that person really does care. They listen intently to what you say, encourage your ideas; they mean it, they remember what you’ve said or done. They treat everyone like they are amazing and worthy and honestly outstanding. They don’t judge or make you feel bad, and they are so very easily trusted. But most incredible, a truly beautiful person brings out your true beauty - just by being themselves, a person with true beauty can make you reach farther, try harder, dig deeper. They believe in you and want you to succeed.

But all that is just detail though. Because there is one sentence to describe a truly beautiful person, one sentence. That’s all.

"True beauty is the ability to love unconditionally"


Romantic Story of a computer engineer named Lalita !

Disclaimer - lalit & lalita are part of my fictious story, there is no such resemblence to them in the real life.

Once upon a time there was a smart handsome guy named "lalit", despite belonging to backward area he had the determination to earn big name one day, to achieve this he ran from his home at an early age...struggling each day, his life was like hell....after travelling for years reached on a banks of a river...he loved to boat...but never had the money to travel one such ride....working day and night..he saved each & every penny possible..for his sacred dreams..! One fine day he met a girl (lalita) regarding some help in technical aspect of making a boat as the girl was a engineer..he never noticed her, but since that day his destiny changed....he began earning in hundreds then slowly and slowly in thousands...he never looked back!!

...lalita had a crush on lalit...but nvr had the guts to disclose this....she used to bunk her engineering classes just to have a glance of lalit..! Soon the poor lalit was no longer a poor fellow...he soon buyed a wooden boat worth a lot...!! He use to give rides to college students at reasonable rates...lalita was frequent travellor in his boat..now lalit was well aware of her...but still cudnt judge her feelings...

lalit was sounding dumb, he cudn't read the eyes of the girl....these things made lalita decide ..to disclose her love...so she finally decided to propose her..! She decided 31th december as the proposal date..!

It was 6'o clock in the morning of 31th dec, lalita cudnt control her emotions...so she left her home early that day, giving excuse to her parents that she is going to meer her sister moti billi (no she is not a fat cat....this was her nickname) my sugarly sweet maasi....u must be wondering who i am....dont worry u will soon be knowing abt me soon go on reading the tale...i am yet to come in this world..!

Lalita had never came so early to the bank, the view was ausumn,...the river was so calm and chilling breeze was making her already fast beating heart more faster....! But hours passed away..no was no sign of lalit anywhere...soon the whole day passed....the girl's eyes had gone numb.. it was going to be the worst day of her life...!! Time being 11:23 she decided to leave the place as it was freezing cold...but with still hope in her eyes...looking left right she cudnt believe it was happening to her and finally she started walking away.....SuDDenLy,.....

.....i call it a miracle...from no where, lalit on his boat was passing by....his eyes noticed the girl...he shouted her name...but lalita was so much lost in her thoughts that she cud hear nothing, she kept walking....lalit after trying 4-5 times finally shouted at his highest level possible...it did the magic....lalita turned back....it was like....ahh... unexplainable moment....tears which she had locked in her eyes...finally got freedom....heart beating at its best...soul shivering with happiness...she ran towards the boat jumped in it...and gave a tight hug to lalit....he was confused..!!...but he soon realised what was happening....when lalita broke her silence....she whispered the 3 most beautiful words of the world.. "I Love U"..

..."I love u too.." these were the words from lalit ...so the worst day turned out to be best day of her life.... moments after this event, huge fireworks were visible in the sky...it was 1st January, it seemed like the world was celebrating their happiness....and guess what a minute later they had twins...lola and lily....here i come into existence...i am lola.... lalit & lalita's son...soon they got married...and lived happily ever after...!!

19 years after...(About me & my family...)

I (lola) am doing computer engg and my sis...lily is doing E&C engg.....my maasi due to some personal problems couldnt study earlier, so she is also studying with me pursuing computer enggineering...though she is my maasi...but v are more of good frndss....though she is a big copy cat...she likes do those things which i have done or i want to do.....and a strong competition exits between me and her...we two are the top rankers of our class but at the same time she is hell lot caring ...i am so lucky to have such masi...maasi luv u a lot..if u r reading this !! I have two more maasi's they too doing engineering..they too are as much caring and friendly as my first maasi.. my cousin chibby ram is also very close to my mom..., they share a lovely chachi batija relation,

My mom lalita decided to do engineering again so that she could take care of me and lily..she is studying with me and we often bunk our classed to meet dad and to take ride in his boat...we are small happy family bounded with love and care... and i am proud to be a part of it....!!

-Lola banta singh

Monday, April 27

An Engineer's Day Out !!

As usual reached college late that day, rushed to the lecture hall...fighting for the favourite seats..back benches ofcourse lolz..! No sign of teacher anywhere...! Admist the blazing heat & sleepy faces we were forced to think something different....and suddenly...

.....comes the message from our respected teacher..."I will not be taking ur lecture.." - just due to the fact that we reached colg late that day ..that too ONLY "1 hour"...yeh teachers kabh samjhege hamari bawnau ko...aakhir yeh kyu bhul jaate hai yeh bhi kabhi student they...but as if we cared for this decision...there and then came a stream of noices and hooting's...among which few prominent words were "Mass Bunk Declared.."

Rushed back to the college bus..with the hope to get seat, & between this few brilliant student's came with the idea of going for a outing...it was like icing on the top of cake..80% kids agreed so the great computer engineers began their journey...but still the location was not yet decided....we had two options... jhaggar kotli & akhnoor(chenab), after doing blah blah blah for 10 mins finally it was the lucky chenab who got the chance to meet us(...a bunch of special wiz kids..) !!

Now it was masti time....bangra beats along with charged boys...whistle's and moju's...it was full on entertainment, the 30 minute journey to our destination soon ended, on the way my friend told me abt a cantilever bridge the first of its kind in J&k...so it was not fully a masti trip....education part was also envolved ...lolz..!!

We never realised how hot the day was, instead there were smiles everywhere... though there was a few opposition too for this location but it was overall a happy beginning for an ausumn day ahead...

Walkin few steps we reached a place which was not only soothing to our eyes but to our ears also...it was the great Chenab flowing musicaly.. ;)

..cool breeze kissing our hot bodies...it was a terrific feeling...and the best part was yet to come...it was when we stepped in the chenab.....brrr..brrr.brrrr..it was the same sound effect which originally came from my vocal part .....it was hell chilling.....but it was like "ahh relief from the torture of damn hot sun....."

..eNjoYed the chill for 15-20 mins...and then we few decided to have a boat ride...it was the best ride i ever had, the air was so cool in middle of the chenab, plus the buzzing heehee 's & haa haa 's were adding flavour to the ride...watching titanic poses, the scenic beauty, ....it was total fun..

Photo sessions, a visit to a temple & finally our last destination.. gurudwara.! It was my first ever visit to gurudwara...boys with hankies on head and girl with dupattas, all the naughty gang suddenly turned into a sophisticated kids..lolz.. girls cooked chappatis...and boys served the food.. eating at the langar gave an amazing feel.. finally we walked bck to our initial desti, shouting and whistling as usual it was a fun walk...even the scorching sun had lost its effect on us...!!

Never could have imagined our branch to be so rocking...and standing unitedly.. in brief it was a complete package...full of masti's and enjoyable moments... these sweet memories will be a lot more fun when remembered later... , this is not the end it is the beginning of many more beautiful moments yet to be cherished...in future...!!

afterall hum kissi se kum nahi....
we are "The great Computer Engineer's"...http://img3.orkut.com/img/smiley/i_wink.gif

God Bless..

Sunday, April 26

Go Green !!

This is neither about any campaign nor i am giving you any crap speech regarding environment ! Its something which i feel from within.

I still remember few years back, during my school ( around 8th or 9th class) , our principal had decided to use one of our games period to do the cleaning of the ground once a week. It was like torture. It included all Wrappers, tiffin foils, peels of fruits and every little scrap of paper. And above all the blazing sunlight. That time it felt like crap !

But now after 7 years,i realise how meaningful that exercise was..., now i am really thankful to her that she made us did that. Its not a question that "Why u shud not throw a wrapper of toffee on a road" or "Why u shud not throw ur's house garbage opposite the road in an empty area"....The question is "What wud it take for u to walk some distance to look for a dustbin??" Think about it....

Stop talking about big things like global warming, begin wid small things. so guys message of thr day Go green...

Thursday, April 23

Am I really Confused ??

NO, I am not !

Then why the first post on this blog had the title "Confused Me". This is something which i am also trying to understand. What i have figured till now is that it made me feel comfortable when i used to say "i am confused". If u asked me a question, a simple question like "What is 2+2", despite the fact i am confident of the answer; my answer would be "shayad four hooga".

Though i have overcomed over this thing, but still i use it sometimes to keep reminding myself how dumb i used to sound earlier http://img3.orkut.com/img/smiley/i_wink.gif..

Confused Me ~ That is what this blog is all about !

This Blog is about a 19 year boy, trying to figuring out his life ! Doing Computer Engineering and side-by-side creating his own virtual world full of his own philosophies ! Having a desire to do something BIG one day, each day seems quite challenging ! This blog is all about his dreams his life & his existence !!! And how he sees the world through his energetic eYe'S !
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